MOJO retreats are luxury weekends centered around the principles of the MOJO book; including community, creative rejuvenation and vitality, physical and mental well-being, and inner-work manifestation.
The MOJO team works closely with small businesses and artisans in the local area of the retreat home to curate experiences and events to cater to the attendees.
MOJO offers yoga, breath works, specialized workouts, meditations, nourishing meals, art classes, and a variety of workshops to help you "find your mojo".
The facilitators and guest hosts hold space for attendees to come as they are and enjoy the weekend. What each person gets out of the retreat differs widely.

//////////////  testimonials  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\

“I will be forever grateful to have been a part of something so extraordinary and inspiring. I never thought I’d be able to grow, heal, and connect with so many beautiful souls in such a short amount of time. I was vulnerable and completely out of my comfort zone which is exactly what I needed. I can now 100% say that I’ve found my Mojo!”
- Adrienne W. 
Past Retreat Guest
- Jeri H.
Past Retreat Guest